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All Star Cheer / Get ready for high energy, non-stop competition

All Star Cheer is not what you see at sporting events. All Star Cheerleading teams compete a 2-1/2 minute routine against other cheerleading teams. Packed into that routine are stunts, tumbling, pyramids, jumps, and dance. Judges score the routine based on difficulty, sharpness of motions, originality, and hitting all of the stunts correctly.

How to join our teams
Step 1—Set Up Student Account

Create an account and add your athlete to that account.

Step 2—Set Up an Evaluation

Call 425-401-8501 or email to schedule a 1-hour evaluation.

Step 3—Get Evaluated

After May 10, 2020 Bring a $100 check made payable to Action Athletics, Inc. and a copy of your athlete's birth certificate to your evaluation.

Have questions? Call us at 425-401-8501.

Meet our cheer director
Hello, I am Coach Brian

Brian is the Owner and Director of the Competition Cheer Teams at Action Athletics, Inc. Brian founded Action Athletics in 2002 in a park in Bellevue with a vision to grow competition cheer in the Northwest. Today, Action Athletics has one of the largest state of the art facilities in Washington with programs including competitive cheer, trampoline & tumbling, as well as dance. With numerous State, Regional, and National Championships, Brian has grown Action Athletics into a well respected program in the Northwest.

Brian was the first coach in Washington that was Safety Certified by the USASF, the governing body of All Star Cheer. He holds the highest certification for Stunts, Tumbling, and Tosses. He is AACCA safety certified, CPR and First Aid Certified. Brian was also the All Star Director for the WSCCA for 2 years when in 2010 he was named WSCCA Member of the Year for his efforts in growing the All Star State Championship to the successful event it once was.

Brian’s passion for the athletic nature of the sport of cheer and tumbling as well as his sheer love of kids has paid off and provided a much needed asset for young athletes in the local community. Brian holds a degree in Economics from the University of Washington where he was on the cheer squad for 2 years. He has held various positions working with professional sports teams as well as professional athletes throughout his career.

What people say about our teams

"Thank you for everything you have done for us this year. We have really enjoyed being part of this team. The sportsmanship and leadership skills you continue to instill in our girls is priceless. Sarah has made such good friends and has learned so much. So many of the skills you have taught can and will be utilized later on in life.
We can't thank you enough!"

"I meant to tell you Thank you for setting standards for the girls. I was so proud to see the girls in the uniform (Actions looks the best), arms linked together when they traveled as a group in the lobby. Thank you for enforcing the no Ugs and sweats rule. They do look like classy girls....they stood out and looked professional. Abby had a great time!
Looking forward to Portland..."

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our decision to join Action. Caroline really enjoys going to practice and says that it "just feels right," which is what we've been searching for. Thank you for providing a fun and positive atmosphere for our girls...When we came to check things out and practice with you, I knew within the first 60 sec that this was definitely the right place for Caroline. She told me she can't wait for the 1st competition so she can hear them announce "Action Athletics" and run out on the floor. I've found several drawings of "Action Sharks" in her room and I couldn't be more thrilled that she's identifying with her new squad.
Thanks for everything you're doing and making Caroline feel welcome!"
—Warmly, Angie

Want more information about All Star Cheer?

Action Athletics is a founding member of the United States All Star Federation (USASF), the organization that governs All Star Cheer.

Find out more at the USASF Web site.

Trampoline & Tumbling / Flying, twisting, powerful fun

The gymnastics discipline of trampoline & tumbling, often referred to as T&T, includes competition in trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double mini-trampoline, and power tumbling. Both girls and boys can participate in all four events.

The sport of trampoline & tumbling

Tumbling is performed on elevated spring runways that help tumblers propel themselves higher than a basketball goal as they demonstrate speed, strength, and skill while executing a series of acrobatic maneuvers. Top-level contenders perform explosive somersaults with multiple flips and twists.


While today's athletes perform many of the difficult skills performed by former notable American and international athletes, modern competitions are quite different than those early years. The biggest changes have been in advances in equipment design, the rules and governance, and more systematic training of athletes.

International competition trampolines are larger and more powerful than those used in the early years and a far cry from today's "backyard" models. These modern trampolines propel trained athletes as high as 30 feet in the air during performances.

During two competitive routines of 10 skills each, upper-level athletes can easily demonstrate a graceful array of double, triple and twisting somersaults.

Synchronized Trampoline

Synchronized trampoline demands the same athletic skill as individual trampoline, while adding the element of precision timing. Using two trampolines, two athletes perform identical 10-skill routines at the same time. In this most artistic event in the sport, each performs as a mirror image of the other, doubling the visual beauty of trampoline competition.

Double-mini Trampoline

Double-mini is a relatively new sport that combines the horizontal run of tumbling with the vertical rebound of trampoline. After a short run, the athlete jumps onto a small two-level trampoline to perform a rebounding trick immediately followed by a dismount element onto a landing mat. Double mini is similar in concept to springboard diving, using a mat instead of water.

Competitive teams
Participation Requirements
Competitive Team Level 5/6
  • Invitational class for first year team and Level 5/6 competitors
  • 4 hours per week—
Competitive Team Level 7/8
  • Invitational class for Level 7/8 competitors
  • 6 hours per week—
Competitive Team Level 9
  • Invitational class for Level 9 and up
  • 8 hours per week—
  • 10 hours per week—
Non-competitive prep team
Participation Requirements
Non-competitive Prep Team
  • Invitational class designed to bridge the gap between recreational classes and the competitive program
  • 2 hour prep classes—
  • 4 hour prep classes—
  • 6 hour prep classes—
Recreational classes
Participation Requirements
Class policies
  • Effective February 1, 2017—Our registration & sign-ups will be a session-based schedule.
  • We offer 3 sessions: SPRING, SUMMER, FALL.
  • SPRING and FALL sessions consist of approximately 20 scheduled class days.
  • SUMMER session consists of 8 scheduled class day.
  • We offer 1 makeup class at the end of each session.
  • There is not a month-to-month option.
Class structure
  • Instruction is based on 9:1 ratio.
  • There must be 3 athletes registered for a class prior to commencement.
Class fees
  • SPRING session—20 weeks—
  • SUMMER session—8 weeks—
  • FALL session—20 weeks—
Step 1—Set Up Student Account

NEW members: Create an account and add your athlete to that account.

CURRENT members: Set up your evaluation.

Step 2—Set Up an Evaluation

Email to schedule an evaluation.

Step 3—Get Evaluated

Bring a $75 check made payable to Action Athletics, Inc. to your evaluation.

Have questions? Call us at 425-401-8501.

Our trampoline & tumbling director
Coach Dom
More information about Trampoline & Tumbling

Action Athletics is a member of both the Washington Assoication of Trampoline & Tumbling and USA Gymnastics, the organization that governs all gymnastic events, including Trampoline & Tumbling.

Find out more at the following Web sites:
Washington Association of Trampoline & Tumbling
USA Gymnastics